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My Change

Everyone has something that they want to change about themselves. They want to change their actions attitude, and life. This is a resolution. My definition of a resolution is an action you take to change yourself. Different people have different resolutions.

My resolution is to change my attitude. I want to change my attitude because it is something that constantly  gets me in trouble. It is also lowering my grades. I want to have a good and better attitude. Changing my attitude is something that will help me in the future.

Each year people change their resolution. As you begin to change you learn from it. Now that you know my resolution, what is your resolution?


The most important thing in life is family. What would you do without them? They care, support, and love you. Family is something you never forget about. You are always thinking about them.

Everyone has a different type of family. Some are funny, caring, or just plain mean. Well, my family is all of the above. They buy me and others everything we ask for, support me, and will never stop loving me. Even though they can be mean and annoying t still love them. They are the best family ever.

My family is great. We all have different personalities’ which bring us together as one. Everybody has a different family. What king of family do you have? Comment on subscribe.

My World

Hmmm… what would I do with the world to myself? Well I would go anywhere I want to go. if I was alone it would be no fun. So I would have a few others along. I would have my family, Roc Royal, and my two best friends Hiba and Kayla. We would all have the time of our life.

A world to myself… what would I do? The first thing I would do is go shopping. I would grab everything that I like. I would then go to amusement parks like Hershey Park and six flags. We’d all go roller skating and out to eat. Since everything is free there would be no worries.

We would be able to have a lot of fun and spend quality time with each other. We would laugh so hard our cheeks would hurt. We would end the day by going to Disney world. Now the question is on you, what would you do with world to yourself?

My Week With Roc Royal

What if I could spend a week with my favorite celebrity? If I could spend a week with my favorite celebrity it would be Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior. This would be the best week ever. We would do everything that no one else would ever do. We would have a great time. This will be one day that I will never forget.

A week with a celebrity… WOW that would be amazing. Roc Royal and I would do everything. On Sunday (our first day) we will meet the rest of Mindless Behavior and get to know one another. Monday we will go shopping. The next day we will go to the movies and then go skating. In the middle of the week (Wednesday) we will go to the beach for hours. Thursday it will be a day to relax. Friday we will go to Hershey Park just because we both like chocolate. On our last I will say my goodbyes and ask for an autograph. That will be one week that I will always remember no matter how long ago it was.

Roc Royal is the best dancer ever. He is extremely cute. I would love to actually meet him in person. My week with him I hope he never forgets about. Do you like Roc Royal! Subscribe and comment.

My Role Model

Everyone has a role model in their life. Some people have role models that are celebrities. My definition for role model is someone that encourages you to do great things. They are hardworking, kind, and helpful people. A good role model is a person that gives good advice to people that need it. A bad role model is a person that makes others feel bad and show bad actions. Every one is a role model to someone.

My role model is my mom. She is a hardworking and generous person. She inspires me to do great things. She always explains to me that I should always have manners, good grades, and to always be nice. My mom is a person that I would like to become once I am an adult. I always will respect and love my wonderful mother. She is my one and only person I look up too.

My mom is a great person. I love her so much. Sometimes she may make me mad but that is just how it is. As a role model you always have to set a good example. A role model always makes good decisions. Always make sure you pick the right role model before you make it official.

Mindless Behavior

Mindless Behavior is a great band. They dance and sing on and off stage to entertain their fans. I bet you’re wondering what their names are. Well, their names are Roc Royal, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Prodigy. They were established in 2008 in Los Angeles when Princeton and Roc Royal auditioned for a new boy band. Soon Ray Ray, and Prodigy joined the band and they became Mindless Behavior. The types of music they sing are Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B. Soon their career blossomed.

Before Mindless Behavior they were all just normal people. Prodigy, the oldest, who is 14 years old, is from Philadelphia and loves to watch movies and play basketball. Ray Ray, the second oldest, loves to read the Twilight Saga. He also loves to draw and is from California. Princeton loves to read and cook. His signature look is his hair. He was the first member of the group and is also from California. Lastly, Roc Royal is the youngest who is 13 and lives in California. He loves to do flips and loves to hang out with friends. Now you know who they really are.

This big boy band is now on the radio all over the world. They have songs that are so close to being on top of the Billboard. Mindless Behavior has songs like “My Girl”, “Mrs. Right”, and “Girls Talkin Bout” which get them even more fans. Mindless Behavior is not just another super group; these young guys also represent a lifestyle giving kids the freedom to express themselves through music, art, and fashion. They also produce great music and great dancing.  Every one of them rocks. What do you think about Mindless Behavior?

I Want To Achieve A lot

Everyone achieves a different goal in their life. Your goal can be as small as in completing all of your chores. You can also have a goal as big as creating your own company or successful business. My definition for the word goal is an aim to complete an objective. I plan to complete my goals by keeping good grades, straightening my attitude and completing college. Once I complete college I will became a pediatrician.

Becoming a pediatrician is a goal that I wish to achieve. I want to achieve this goal because I love working with children. I also want to achieve this goal because I love helping others. Lastly, I want to find a cure for many diseases. I wish to achieve this goal by learning how to deal with children. As a pediatrician I will be the best I can be.

Achieving your goal should be your number one priority. When you achieve your goal you have completed the best part of your life. You fell extremely proud after you achieve your goal. You also feel on top of your game. So, the next time you complete a goal see how you feel.



Mistakes Are Always Made

          Making mistakes are a common thing that people do. It’s not common that mistakes are not made. If you make a mistake, don’t feel bad because people do it all the time. Once you make the mistake you eventually learn from it. My original definition for the word mistake is a problem that you cause in the process of you doing something. So when you make a mistake just try your best not to do it again.

         A mistake I made and learned from happened when I was 7. I ran across the street without looking both ways. After the mistake I was yelled at by my mom. She began telling me that I should never cross the street without looking. I know that I was not old enough or big enough to cross the street alone. I learned that it is not safe to cross the street without looking both ways. If a car was coming it would have been a disaster. This mistake I made I know will never happen again.

         Running across the street without looking is something I should have never done.. You make mistakes even when you don’t notice it, but you learn from it. I now know that I should never do it again. My consequence was a week punishment which means no TV, toys or play time. You learn many things in your life and making a mistake would be one of the most important ones. I advise anyone that causes this problem to always remember the lesson I learned and its consequences.  Just remember that making mistakes is something you do every day.


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